Ferienwohnung Blouberg Santorini Holiday Apartment Blouberg Santorini
Ferienwohnung Blouberg Santorini                                                          Holiday Apartment Blouberg Santorini


Price for that Holiday Flat per Night 

Winter Special 
May - August    750 ZAR - ca   EUR 50,00 

Mid Season!
Sep. - Nov.
Feb. - April        950 ZAR - ca  EUR 65,00 

High Season
Dec. - Jan.       1180 ZAR - ca  EUR 80,00


A Closing Cleaning Fee is payable onsite in 350 ZAR .

Additional Cleaning in between your stay can be arranged for the same amount or less ( depending if Linen and Towels should be done or not)

Long Term Rentals for more than 4 weeks can be negotiated easely. 

Enquieries about longer stays / Rebates / Specials please get in touch with me via the 

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